New Reservation and Confirmation Procedure
Desert Resort Realty has a new reservation procedure. Some of you are very familiar with our old system so please take the time to read the following.
You will notice on your confirmation receipt that we have credited your $500.00 security deposit and confirmed your reservation. This deposit is refunded to you by mail approximately 2-3 weeks after your departure date minus your departure clean and damages if any.
If you are booking three months or more you can call on June 1 to book. If you are booking the entire month of January and/or April, and if I am holding your deposit from last year, I will book your reservation on June 15. All other reservations (February and/or March only) can be booked beginning July 1.
Please call Ami for reservations or questions about new reservation / confirmation procedures: 760-275-8781 or 760-324-3463.
Once I have booked your dates, I will need you to send a $500 deposit. Once I receive your deposit or if I am holding last year’s deposit, I will mail you your confirmation “package.” The confirmation package will include: your confirmation receipt with your rental dates, unit information and amounts due.  I will also enclose your contracts and a return envelope for you to mail back your rental payment* and signed contracts. *We now require your rental payment in full 60 days prior to your arrival. (*please see new cancellation policies.)
New cancellation policies are as follows:
Your $500 security deposit is refundable (minus a $100 cancellation fee) up to 30 days prior to your arrival. Please note: your deposit is not applied to your rental amounts due. We hold this deposit until after your departure. It will be refunded within 21 days of your departure unless you have agreed to have us hold the deposit balance for the following year. We will deduct your departure clean and internet fee from deposit and provide a statement of all deductions from your deposit.
60 days prior to your arrival we will need your rental payment in full. This amount, and due date, will be listed on your confirmation receipt. Half of your rental amount is non-refundable. The other half of your rental amount is refundable in full if you cancel within 30 days of your arrival.
Cancellation / changes of rental dates:
Please Note…If you need to cancel part of your reservation or change your rental dates after you have received your confirmation package, we require you to do the following: 1) Call us immediately to “Re-book” your new dates. There are no penalties to add days to your reservation, but all changes are subject to availability. 2) There is a $200 “re-booking” fee to cancel a portion of your confirmed dates.  Your original confirmation will be cancelled, and new reservation will be held for up to 20 days. Once we receive your $200, we will send a new confirmation package to confirm the changes. If we do not receive the fee within 20 days of your request, your reservation is not guaranteed and could be cancelled.
New Check In procedure:
Once we receive your signed contracts back, along with your rental payment, we will be sending you your “Check In” package. This package will include: keys & gate cards for your rental, a map to the unit, your Wi-Fi passwords, and contact information for issues or questions during your stay, as well as other important information about your unit and departure instructions.
If you have any other questions regarding your reservation, or Check In, I will be happy to take your call. We have changed a few things, but we still intend to provide you with the same attention we have for over 30 years.
Canadian Check Fees
If you are on of our valued Canadian guest, Please Read the following:
Any checks, money orders or cashiers checks that are drawn from a Canadian Bank are subject to a $5.00 S.U.C. fee per check. We apologize, but our bank charges us and will not make any exceptions. We suggest finding a Wells Fargo to other US Bank to issue your money orders or checks.
Internet use is an additional $45.00 per month or $12.00 per week. Please advise us prior to your arrival if you will be wanting internet access.
Unlimited long distance for US & Canada is available in some units.*
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